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G Am C
In the spring and summertime
All the flowers bloomin’ on the line
They bloom bloom bloom
With their energy
They bloom bloom bloom
Right in front of you and me

The flowers they are starting to blossom
And everything around us is awesome
All of the butterflies and bumblebees
They are flyin’ all around you and me

Singin', Oo...

In the collective gatherings 
When we come together and sing
That this is eternal spring
If we want it to be.

We can make this story go on
We can make this continuous song
Keep singing along
For the future generations and beyond


Singing along to the drumbeat
Of this song
We move our feet
As the heartbeat moves along
The world keeps turning
All night long

Spinning softly, quietly
Consciousness expanding,
You and me
Are free
To be like the honeybees
Cross-pollinating with the trees

Feeling the breeze
On my knees
So we can dance
We say “please”
Let this go on
So we can sing our song
All day and
All night long,
Oh oh
All night long
Oh, oh oh

As I fly 
Through the sky
So high
Me oh my
Butterflies in my eyes
They surprise me

As I fly 
In the sky
So high
Me oh my
Butterflies in the sky
They surprise me

With their beauty.
Flying through the trees.

G Am C D
They say “please”
and “thank you”
Won’t you spread your wings
On this summer day
We can do anything
We can make the hummingbirds start to sing
Songs of love and freedom
We can do anything


Budding blossoming
just to taste the light
Bodies moving
Breathing in and out
day and night
Singing our heart songs
Wankan Tanka

Budding blossoming
just to taste the light
Bodies moving
Breathing in and out
day and night
Singing our heart songs

Am C Em G
When the stars are shining bright
The burden of tiredness
We don’t fight.
We just flow 
And let ourselves grow
We open up new doors 
And through the window
Of perception
New inventions 
Of these different dimensions
We are projecting our subconsciousness 
On to surface
We tell ourselves
Because we know we are worth this.

With each breath that take
And there’s no reason to fake, it
Because we just got to shake it Up
So we can fill up abundance’s cup


Fill it up
In your cup
Fill it up
Let it pour to the earth
Plant the seeds 
And we’ll give birth 
To each new moment
Each new moment


C G Am F 
Got the harvest of good ideas
Creativity is flowing out of our ears
And we’ve got so much inspiration

To share it now
So we’ve got to move about anyhow
To this place of sharing these gifts
Of this musical magical medicine
Take a sip and us begin
With this musical magical medicine
Sharing it with our family and friends


from Earth Child, released June 7, 2016


all rights reserved



Bloom San Luis Obispo, California

Robin Liepman (Bloom) is an earth activist musician and new paradigm pollinator, here to re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant, harmonious, regenerative, equanimous existence.

Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California in SLO, educated by the fairies and tree people at UCSC, and initiated into the Soulcraft of his true purpose during his post-grad adventures.
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