Consciousness (Spoken Word)

from by Bloom (Robin Liepman)

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Look around you, open your eyes.
This is your moment, this is your life. This is your opportunity,
To speak your mind,to connect with collective, this is your time,
to mobilize, to actualize,
to activate, to come alive,
Weave together the Sparks from your hearts,
paradigm shifting magic it's time to start.

Bring all that you are to the surface, an know in your soul that you are worth this,
your value exceeds the scalability of the dollar
your light is like a ball, and you are a baller!
Your value is light shining through the trees of your neural matrix mind,
your value is creativity envisioning a new world that leaves the dysfunctional behind..
this is your day, your time to shine, be the change, because, you are, the divine.

We are imaginal cells in the chrysalis of the global community, consciously co-creating our collective vision of the future.
Right now, this is happening, we are transmuting our DNA, we are reconstructing our social consciousness, and we are here to say, that this shift is for real. this is happening, right. now. to all of us. Awww shift!!!

We are on a quest fueled of questions, and the quest you're on, is the quest, i, on.
Yes I, Am I a fringe on the fractal exfoliation of ever-unfolding cosmos, or am I all of the universe culminating in a single flowing moment of reality?
Am I the cosmic dance of duality? Kali dancing Samsara through the consciousness of humanity?
Am I the eyes ears nose mouth and nervous system, of The Universe's vision?
I'm on a mission, to envision, a thriving world existing in this division.
Inner eye clairvoyant vision, it's my decision, and I supersede religion.

It's one life we have to live, at least in this minute drop of consciousness,
processing the purpose and procedure behind all of this,
Often unaware of our inner bliss
available at each moment
Just breathe and witness

Our Spaceship Earth is also our Pachamama.
The ancients and the aliens are all Buddha's in this cosmic Sangha.
And this epic Dharma requires your participation,
So draw the sword that is your tongue, set the compass that is your heart, and with your whole being, prepare for Galactivation!

We are Rainbow Bridgers, Paradigm Shifters, Mood Uplifters, and Transformation Assisters.
we are all one eternal dancing flame,
playing out and writing the rules of this game.
One ocean, many drops of rain.

Intention’s set, now crystal clear.
Traversing avenues within the atmosphere.
The sail is up, it’s time to go,
this fellowship is destined for the great unknown.
Release anchor and depart,
to the dock of the heart,
and sail the shimmering sea of dreams,
shining bright like lighthouse beams.
Illuminating the way to a bright new dawn,
enter into new horizons.
Wherever we are is right where we belong.
Every breath, a note in our legacy’s song.

Live Awake, because life is happening
at the speed


from Earth Child, released June 7, 2016


all rights reserved



Bloom San Luis Obispo, California

Robin Liepman (Bloom) is an earth activist musician and new paradigm pollinator, here to re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant, harmonious, regenerative, equanimous existence.

Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California in SLO, educated by the fairies and tree people at UCSC, and initiated into the Soulcraft of his true purpose during his post-grad adventures.
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